Jan. 01, 2019

Rep. Greg Rothman (R-Cumberland) takes the oath of office for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, on Tuesday, Jan. 1, during a ceremony held at the state Capitol in Harrisburg.
HARRISBURG - During the swearing-in ceremony of the 203rd Pennsylvania General Assembly held today at the state Capitol, Rep. Greg Rothman (R-Cumberland) took the oath of office as state representative of the 87th Legislative District, for the third time after winning a special election in Aug. 2015.

“I want to thank the citizens of the 87th District for putting their faith in me and look forward to continue serving them in the House,” said Rothman.

Rothman ended his last term having successfully garnered support for several pieces of legislation and budget priorities that were signed by the governor in 2018.

“In the next session, I hope we can continue to put aside differences that impede important legislation we can all agree on. I’ll be introducing bills that concern transparency, safety and eliminating old, overburdensome taxes, on which I think we can come together,” added Rothman.

Rothman also continues to back up his promises of standing up for taxpayers by refusing to take advantage of the mileage reimbursement for travel within the district and to and from the Capitol, and by avoiding expensive mailings. His expense reports are updated monthly on his website.

More information about Rothman and his legislative priorities is available at  RepRothman.com and Facebook.com/RepRothman.

Representative Greg Rothman
87th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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